Client Testimonials

“Contel was a great addition to our freelance writing team. He was consistent, thoughtful and thorough with his writing and research. He is collaborative and reliable and produces consistently creative and engaging articles.

I recommend him to anyone who’s looking for a skilled writer.”

Jock Breitwieser – Storagecraft Technology Corporation 


“Whenever I need top-notch writing on the fly, Contel Bradford is the freelancer I call upon. He’s written hundreds of articles for me about communities from across the country – and on a wide array of topics. Not only is Contel’s writing rich and engaging, but he has an unrivaled style. He writes to his reader in a method that conveys honesty and readers really trust his words. His work requires minimal editing and I’ve never had to ask for complete revisions. Yes, Contel really is that good.

I’d recommend Contel Bradford to any employer or editor who is need of top-quality articles that require little to no modification.”

Alexis Cueto
Dynamic Page Solutions


“Contel is undoubtedly one of the best writers we have had work for us. Even though the subject matter can be a little redundant, he does a great job making each article unique and interesting. In addition to writing great quality articles, he is always finished on time and prepares his articles to the exact specifications required by our posters.

I would highly recommend him to other companies that are looking for great writing”.

Denis Keller
Benchmark Email


“If you are looking for an outstanding copywriter or content producer then Contel is your man. We have commissioned Contel to produce several articles and we have been very happy. Each article he has created produces a higher than average return on our investment when compared to the work of other copywriters. Each article he produces is very well thought out and researched! We will continue to use Contel for future work.”

Nicholas Reese
AU Interactive


“I don’t have to worry when I have Contel writing for my Web site. I know the articles will be well written, accessible to all levels of readership, and turned in on time. His writing is personal, thoughtful, and well structured. Perhaps Contel’s greatest strength is his ability to give assigning editors peace of mind. He is the easiest and most reliable freelancer I’ve worked with. Myself and the readers of our Web site look forward to Contel’s work.”

Matt Allen


“Contel is a phenomenal writer. Gifted and creative. I have nothing but great things to say. He works fast, meets deadlines and communicates flawlessly. I highly recommend his services.”

Mason Reed
Reed Media, LLC


“Contel Bradford is one of the best writers we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He is able to research a topic quickly and thoroughly and write about it in a way that really connects with the audience. His writing is clear, concise, and personal. We have asked him to write about a wide variety of topics and he’s delivered each one on time, consistently exceeding our expectations.”

Markus Urban
AU Interactive


“Contel was a great addition to our freelance writing team. He was consistent, thoughtful and thorough with his writing and research. We recommend him to anyone looking to expand their writing program.”

Amanda Coello
JR Law Firm