Portfolio Samples – Backup and Disaster Recovery

4 Not-So-Obvious Features to Look For In Backup Software

A survey by IDG found that data-related initiatives will rule IT spending in 2015. Enterprise and SMB respondents expect to invest an average of $13.8 million and $1.6 million respectively this year as they look to enhance their ability to make sense of all the information in their back pockets. Taking advantage of big data often means integrating new systems and adopting new security policies using IT resources many smaller companies can’t afford to spare. Continue reading

Benefits of Standardizing A Single Backup Solution

Every business is in need of a tried and thoroughly tested backup plan. But when every second of downtime puts you one step closer to being out of business entirely, simply having a plan isn’t enough. Continue reading

Best Practices for Linux Backup Every Administrator Should Know

Linux is well known for its out of the box security, stability, and rock-solid reliability. But like any other OS, this platform is vulnerable to data loss sparked by:

  • Hardware failure
  •  Electrical surge
  •  Fire
  •  Physical theft
  •  IT security breach

If you’re a Linux administrator, knowing these best backup practices can help you avoid data loss and downtime, save time and money, and keep that sometimes cushy position in the IT department. Continue reading

Why Cloud DR: Building a Case For Users and IT Service Providers

Governments at every level and commercial companies of all sizes face many of the same IT challenges. Among the biggest of those shared challenges is minimizing downtime and the impending losses that may result from disaster. The city of Asheville, NC took a road increasingly traveled by more organizations in turning to the cloud to streamline disaster recovery. Continue reading

How to Buy Backup Software and Avoid the Pitfalls

Backup software is steadily climbing the list of high-priority business applications. The enterprise or entrepreneur with a gaggle of spreadsheets, videos, and virtual image files to account for probably needs something a bit more potent than the utility bundled in a USB stick. A third-party tool will do the trick, but with all the feature-rich options that look so tempting at a glance, making the right choice can be difficult. Take these important factors under consideration, and you’ll be less likely to choose a backup tool you regret purchasing later. Continue reading