Portfolio Samples – Big Data and Analytics

Business Analytics Among IT Skills Expected to Be in High Demand in 2014

Software tools that allow companies to store, structure, process and analyze the droves of data they collect have emerged, but human expertise is still required to manage these complex systems. As a result, business analytics has become one of the most highly sought after skills on the IT scene.

A recent study by Computerworld puts what it believes will be the most desired IT skills of 2014 into focus. The latest in an annual research effort, Computerworld Forecast 2014 highlights some well-known technical commodities but also introduces a few skills midsize firms might have overlooked. Continue reading

Reporting and Analytics: Five Powerful Big Data Solutions for Midsize Firms

The IT department directly manages a number of tools that are integral to the success of an organization. In the digital age of marketing, reporting and analytics are two of the most powerful tools in the IT manager’s toolkit. These closely related concepts often work together to provide visibility into a number of key areas that impact a company’s bottom line, which essentially makes them indispensable tools.A myriad of service providers have emerged from the woodwork to capitalize on the lucrative trend that is big data. Here is a look at some of the data-friendly solutions midsize companies will find when exploring the market: Continue reading

Five Ways the Power of Big Data is Transforming Business for Midsize Companies

Big data is arguably the biggest buzzword to emerge on the digital scene since cloud computing. But while the concept has surely spawned its fair share of products and marketing gimmicks designed to cash in on the rush, the trend itself has plenty of substance to it. Beyond all the hype is a powerful phenom that has snagged the attention of organizations across sectors ranging from health care to government. The power of big data is also rapidly transforming the business landscape in the midsize market. Continue reading

Five Business Processes That Can Be Improved with Analytics

In a rapidly evolving digital world, analytics is playing an integral role in refining business processes. This data-driven technology delivers insights that give companies a better understanding of the efficiency and effectiveness of their organizational practices. Now that big data is easier to visualize and manage, midsize enterprises have the opportunity to enjoy a major competitive advantage.

There are numerous processes that can be improved by using analytics. Here are five that stand out: Continue reading

Content Analytics: What It Means and Why It Matters to Midsize Businesses

Most midsize companies view analytics as an indispensable business tool. It helps track email campaigns, monitor social influence, and follow visitors all the way from the landing page to the shopping cart. Content analytics puts an interesting twist on what is already considered a piece of must-have technology.

Structured IT Assets on the Menu

Contact information collected on a newsletter subscription form, personal information entered into a login box, financial information captured by a shopping cart program – all are examples of structured data that can be handled with relative ease. In the case of these particular examples, information is typically stored in a database, which enables it to be exported to an external medium where it can be organized and managed accordingly.Having your data served up in a structured, streamlined fashion is a nice luxury to behold. Continue reading