Portfolio Samples – Business and Retail

Meet the Grill Companion for Tailgaters and Chili Enthusiasts

The ROAST ‘EM UP! is an innovative roaster that gives the typical grill another delicious layer of cooking capabilities. Nicknamed “The Octagon,” this unique little cooking companion offers sizzle for consumers and retailers alike. To set it up, a grillmaster simply slides the ROAST ‘EM UP! onto the rotisserie rod inside a grill and uses the thumbscrews to lock it in place. Able to accommodate a standard 5/8-inch rotisserie bar, there is flexibility to spare in terms of compatible grill brands and types. Continue reading

Value Proposition— An Indispensable Tool for Midsize Enterprises

The melting away of inter-regional trade boundaries has stiffened competition by giving customers access to multiple retailers and service providers. Midsize companies now have to not only survive competition in a wide playing field but also attract and retain customers who are being offered choices by the dozen. And with the critical role technology plays in the success of business today, IT managers can no longer write off value proposition as mere marketing jargon. Continue reading

BlackBerry Finds a Buyer: What Midsize Firms Can Learn from the Company’s Demise

The story of BlackBerry’s collapse has been unfolding for months, but a happy ending does not appear to be anywhere in sight. Recent reports suggest the company could be on its way out of the public eye.

The Guardian was among the sources to report that the struggling mobile phone maker has found a potential suitor. Along with a group of private investors, Canadian holding firm Fairfax Financial, which currently owns 10 percent of the company, has agreed to purchase it at $9 per share. At an estimated total of $4.7 billion, the deal would essentially make the company private and eliminate the stock market demands that accompany public entities. Continue reading

Securing the Ideal CRM Tool: 5 Key Features to Look For

Successfully managing customer relationships is vital for sales-driven midsize organizations. For this reason, a good CRM tool has become an indispensable commodity in the current business climate. Not only does such a tool position companies to improve relationships with customers, it helps drive social media promotions, advertising campaigns, and a range of other marketing initiatives. Continue reading

Halloween Spending Survey Sparks Creative Retail Marketing

According to the NRF survey, more people are heading straight to social networks like Facebook (14.1 percent), Pinterest (9.3 percent), and Twitter (4.3) to find ideas for costumes. Even the smallest retail shops can capitalize on these inspiration-seeking consumers with strategic use of social media.

Selling drills, keyhole saws, and other items customers can use to trick out their pumpkins? Use a mobile device to record an employee carving a jack-o’-lantern to life with one of them and upload it to Vine. Continue reading