Portfolio Samples – Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing and Hardware Platforms to Get Boost From IBM’s $1 Billion Investment in Linux

According to InfoWorld, IBM is pouring another $1 billion into Linux development. The money will reportedly be spent over the next five years and likely drive cloud computing projects that run directly on the company’s hardware.

It’s yet to be revealed exactly where the funds will go, but reports suggest the Power Systems platform could be a major focus. Fueled by the vendor’s Power chip innovation, Power Systems is a line of heavy-duty IBM server hardware that currently runs Unix. By running a new operating system on the Power platform, the firm will essentially be helping a flock of existing users seamlessly migrate to Linux, which is widely recognized as the dominant server OS. Continue reading

What Makes a Good Cloud Computing Service?

Cloud platforms are gaining popularity among midsize companies looking to increase efficiency, agility, and profits. But whether it’s an IaaS, SaaS, or PaaS platform, traveling such a route requires dedicated research and considerable forethought. There are some critical factors to keep in mind when looking for a good cloud computing service provider. Continue reading

Research on Cloud Computing Points to a Bright Future for Midsize Firms

A growing number of midsize companies are adopting cloud solutions. These firms are taking advantage of benefits such as lower operating costs and decreases in the many challenges that IT departments have traditionally faced. Research on cloud computing has been extensive to say the least, and much of it reveals some very encouraging news for businesses that may still be on the fence.  Continue reading

Cloud Computing Network Deployment: Five Reasons to Move to the Cloud

Increasingly complex and expensive network infrastructure striking up the blues? As SaaS and IaaS solutions gain popularity, cloud computing is no longer viewed as the province of resource-strapped small businesses. Midsize businesses are also reaping the many benefits of moving to the cloud. Here are five reasons for a midsize company to deploy a cloud computing network. Continue reading

How Cloud Applications Increase Agility and Efficiency for Midsize Companies

Organizations all over the globe are increasingly turning to cloud applications. The flexibility, scalability, and adaptability these services offer are among the major influences leading IT managers to embrace could apps as integral parts of the corporate infrastructure. Available in a wide variety of models, cloud applications can satisfy the diverse software needs of companies in the midsize vertical. Continue reading