Portfolio Samples – Information Technology and Security

Implementing ERP Software Systems: Five Dreaded Pitfalls to Avoid

ERP software systems can transform midsize business operations by streamlining system management, improving efficiency and lowering costs. With that said, not all deployments pan out. Implementation is where the most critical mistakes typically happen. To ensure a successful implementation, IT must be cautious of the following pitfalls: Continue reading

Why Data Encryption Has The IT Industry Ready To Take On President Obama

The guy behind the grill at Mickey D’s has it rough on hot summer days, but the President has what is arguably the toughest job in America year round. Just ask Barack Obama, who’s feeling heat from the right wing, foreign counterparts, and even IT leaders.

Acting as the voice of the IT industry, the Information Technology Industry (ITI) Council and Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) have encouraged the Obama coalition to rethink implementing policies that would compromise existing security strategies. Continue reading

Workspace Design Trends That Work Wonders In IT Spaces

Aspirations of better collaboration and employee retention have IT service providers increasingly looking to trade their traditional office spaces for open plans and other trendy layouts dominating Silicon Valley. On that note, these workspace design trends and tips can help MSPs create a worker-friendly environment that employees will appreciate on many levels. Continue reading

Five Essential ERP Training Tips for IT Managers

Midsize companies make the decision to switch to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to boost productivity, improve communication, increase efficiency, and reduce operating costs. When considering the advantages of implementing ERP and the investment required to do so, it’s essential to include training in the deployment process. Due to the time and financial resources involved in this system roll out, ERP training helps companies optimize the sytem’s benefits. Continue reading

5 IT Security Threats That Will Wreak Havoc in 2015

It’s trend season. For another month or so, the web will be populated with articles and blog posts highlighting the top trends in everything from web design to mobile marketing. If you work in IT, operate a business online, or simply spend a lot of time at the computer, you’ll want to stay on top of the trends and threats  stirring up chaos on the security front. Continue reading