Portfolio Samples – Managed Services

Why Managed Hosting Works for Midsize Companies

IT departments everywhere share the burden of carrying the organization’s budding and often complex web presence. Things are especially challenging for the midsize firm, which has greater traffic and resource demands than smaller business, yet lacks the infrastructure and total resources possessed by the corporate giant. Learning that such needs can’t be fully supported in a traditional web hosting arrangement is enough to make IT administrators cringe in frustration. Continue reading

Managed Dedicated Servers: Taking the Hassle Out of Dedicated Hosting for IT

IT administrators in midsize firms have a tough balancing act to pull off. Though not on the level of a major corporation, the company is usually on an explosive growth path that forces it to juggle sizable chunks of data, demanding traffic, and a host of IT-related responsibilities. Keeping the system that supports these activities up and running can prove to be a monumental challenge. Thankfully, managed dedicated servers can be a big help. Continue reading

How to Build Client Trust: 8 Fundamentals for MSPs

The relationship between IT companies and clients is a strange one. With the exception of maybe data center operators and colocation providers, many of these companies rarely ever meet their customers in person. Heck, I’d be willing to bet there are web hosts, email marketing firms, and managed service providers who’ve never seen any of their clients. It’s not a requirement when the entire relationship is maintained exclusively over an Internet connection. Continue reading

How a Good Help Desk System Can Boost Your MSP Business

Some might say the help desk is the heart of IT. This is hard to argue when factoring in its ability to streamline a range of system management processes and effectively support customer needs. From optimizing task management to improving customer satisfaction, we examine the numerous ways managed service providers can benefit from help desk software. Continue reading

Simple and Powerful Client Acquisition Strategies for MSPs

Companies that sell managed services are often operated by teams that are rich in IT expertise, yet limited in PR and advertising knowledge. Fortunately, a diverse marketing background is not required to thrive in this fiercely competitive field. The following guidelines explain how MSPs can secure new clients and enjoy steady growth using tactics that work for practically any company. Continue reading