Portfolio Samples – Mobile and Digital Marketing

Targeted Marketing: Driving Higher Engagement, Conversions and Revenue for Midsize Businesses

The era of the internet has made information readily available and increased the flexibility in how companies service and respond to their customers. This business environment has created the need for targeted marketing, the art of delivering a marketing message to a customer or group of customers in a format that encourages the best response from each individual. As a tailored approach, this marketing tactic helps companies identify the customers in their market group and develop the most effective strategies to reach them. Continue reading

WordPress 3.6 Release Candidate Teases Content Marketing Goodies

WordPress is still not quite ready to officially release the highly anticipated version 3.6. For now, those who just can’t wait to get their hands on the new platform can play with the release candidate version.

While the software, like always, is free to download and use, it is not recommended for use with live production sites. In fact, a post on the organization’s official blog suggests that using the application in its current state on a live production site is “adventurous.” On the other hand, marketers who want to get a feel for the new features are encouraged to do so by giving the release candidate version a spin in a test environment. Continue reading

Viewers Find Branded Video Highly Worthy of Sharing, Says New Study

More than half a million online video ads are shared within a 24-hour time span. That is an eye-opening stat from a new study by Unruly Media.

The findings have been published on the heels of the launch of the firm’s first U.S.-based Social Video Lab, a new research facility designed to help brands understand how to make the biggest impact with their branded video efforts. The lab provides advertisers with a suite of comprehensive solutions to aid in their online advertising campaigns, including tools for devising social video strategies, social video creation, social video activation and, finally, advanced social video analytics. Continue reading

Redesigned Foursquare Venue Pages Offer Content-Driven Opportunities for Businesses

Foursquare announced on its blog the immediate availability of revamped venue pages, which provide a way for small businesses to inform and engage their local audiences on the popular location-based network. The redesign initiative places special emphasis on the site’s Explore and Discover functionality, in an effort to get those features to better correlate with the look and feel of its mobile apps. Continue reading