Portfolio Samples – Mobile Devices

Samsung Eyes Tizen as Android Replacement

Samsung and Android have made a great team over the past few years. The pairing enabled Samsung to become a major player in the smartphone hardware space, and it helped Google’s Android claim the title of the world’s most widely used mobile operating system. On the surface, it would appear to be a match made in heaven, but Samsung may be looking for a way out of this wildly successful partnership.  Continue reading

New iOS 7 Has Features for Midsize Firms

Boasting Microsoft Active Directory support, apps galore and a built-in digital assistant that talks, the iPhone has long been admired for its business savvy. With the arrival of the new iPhone 5S, it is clear that Apple is making an even stronger push towards enterprise and using iOS to lead the way.

Convenience, Security and Simplified Management

As TIME reports, the new Apple device is accompanied by the official launch of iOS 7, the newest version of the company’s mobile operating system. The updated software is loaded with features designed to make life easier for gadget enthusiasts and members of the mobile enterprise. One feature on which IT professionals in midsize firms likely have their eyes is the company-friendly support for single sign-on. Continue reading


Nokia Android Phone a Windows Phone Look-alike?

Talk of a Nokia Android phone has been ongoing in the smartphone space. Thanks to an increasingly credible source, the buzz has reached a peak as visual evidence of the phone has surfaced, looking similar to a Windows device despite indications that it may be an Android gadget.

Gigaom covers the latest buzz surrounding “Normandy,” the prospective Nokia handset,  Twitter leaks by user @evleaksES. Referred to by some as a serial leaker, @evleaksES tweeted screen shots of what is said to be a deeply customized version of Android bearing a striking resemblance to the Windows Metro interface. In fact, the interface looks nothing at all like that which Android users have come to know and love. Continue reading


Audi Showcases Android Tablet for Cars at CES

Audi announced the Mobile Audi Smart Display in-car Android tablet at CES 2014, USA Today reports. The Smart Display is a 10-inch device that boasts a full HD display and runs a Nvidia Tegra 4 processor. While it’s optimized for automobiles, it is billed as smart device technology for passengers, not drivers.

With Android at the wheel, Audi’s fancy new gadget has quite a few features that have become standard on the tablet market. Continue reading


Spotify Launches Free Music Streaming for Mobile, Viability Questions Linger

Spotify made waves last week when it announced additional features for its free music streaming service for iOS and Android devices, Mashable reported. This news was embraced as a huge development, as the popular service was previously only available on desktop and laptop computers, unless the user purchased a premium subscription. Continue reading