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Larger Images in Facebook Link Share Posts Could Mean Higher Click-Through Rates

Over the last week or so, Facebook users may have noticed that the images connected to their links are considerably larger after publishing a post. In a recent announcement, the social giant confirmed that it has made these new large images standard for all posts links are shared in.

Although the company admitted to striving to improve the visual aspect of storytelling, it could also boost engagement and increase click-through rates in the process. Continue reading

Twitter Puts Content at the User’s Fingertips in New Update

When it comes to driving the visual content revolution, Twitter is all in. According to a report by AllThingsD, the social network is planning to roll out an updated version of its platform shortly after Apple launches an update for its own iOS 7 software. The redesign effort is said to focus heavily on the multimedia experience, which speaks to a launch that could warrant the attention of users and brands alike. Continue reading

Innovative Business Ideas: 5 Tips for Midsize Businesses Navigating the Social Space

Ideas are powerful. They are the driving force behind the products, services, and technologies that move the global population forward. Every company in existence started from a single idea, and the successful business understands the importance of keeping fresh ones on the table.

An article published by online magazine The Next Women talks about how the social enterprise has the potential to change the world for good. Continue reading

3 Facebook Stats Your Business is Probably Ignoring

Facebook stats can be accessed both within and outside of the social platform. Facebook Insights, its resident tracking system, serves up a platter of information pertaining to users and interactions from the built-in dashboard. On the outside is a host of third-party tools designed to give brands a better understanding of their social impact.By now, midsize businesses are aware that Facebook produces a wealth of telling and actionable data. The challenge for IT managers is determining what sets of data deserve priority status. Continue reading