Freelance Writer For Hire!

The web is ever changing. From video to social networking, digital technology continues to revolutionize how we communicate with family, friends, and customers. While new media is all the rage, the written word remains as powerful as ever. Whether it’s introducing a new product or chronicling your brand’s journey, nothing gets the point across quite like well written text. This is where an experienced freelance writer comes in handy.

Why Hire a Freelance Writer?

There are several reasons to hire a freelance writer and they are all tied to content. Content is king, and the higher the quality, the better chance you have of not only bolstering your search engine visibility, but increasing visitor engagement, conversions, and revenue potential.

As a seasoned freelance writer with well over a decade worth of experience, I am qualified to assist with your content writing needs. I have steered high-performing content writing programs for some of the most successful brands in their respective fields, focusing on areas of specialty that include:

  • Article writing – Even in a digital universe dominated by video clips and social media posts, the traditional article remains one of the most influential forms of content today. I can craft articles that streamline the reader experience while telling your brand’s story in a way that is both informative and entertaining.
  • Blogging – A blog offers all the engagement potential of an article writing program, with the added value of the consistency search engines love. Whether you’re looking to incorporate a blog into your brand’s ecosystem or improve an existing blog, I can create high-quality posts on the topics that interests in your audience, in a style that accommodates your voice.
  • Guides and Tutorials – Specialize in complex products or services? A straightforward guide or tutorial could be just what you need to simplify your offerings for the masses. Hire me to craft this content in a crystal clear format that allows customers and users to effectively navigate your ecosystem.
  • Web Copy – One of the most important forms of content online, web copy is almost always created with a specific action in mind. From signing up for a monthly newsletter to making a purchase, I can deliver actionable web copy designed to compel visitors to take that next critical step.

If you have a special project in mind, feel free to send me an email, so we can discuss your writing needs. In the meantime, I invite you to preview my freelance writing portfolio and what past clients have to say about my services.